Lash extensions are an investment, considering the amount of time and talent it takes to make them look flawless. Conducting an online search for “eyelash extensions near me” and selecting the cheapest option may save you some time when searching for a lash lounge, but no bargain is worth experiencing itchy or infected eyes, irritation or shedding extensions. These are common byproducts of a faulty application technique or unsafe materials, which is why selecting a skilled lash artist is so important. So, what should you look for in a quality eyelash extensions service?


Quality lash artists have strong technical skills

Eyelash extensions can make us look and feel #flawless, however there are some associated risks – especially if this service is performed poorly. Only entrust your eyes to professionals who are trained in proper protocol and held accountable to industry standards. Cherry Lash is committed to offering quality eyelash extensions in Las Vegas, and each member of our Lash Squad is state-licensed and regularly tested for quality assurance. You can enjoy our services while feeling comfortable and confident in our abilities!

Be prepared to invest in artistry

Quality eyelash extensions are definitely an expense. So, when evaluating a lash artist, don’t be afraid to request client photos. Weigh a lash artist’s pricing against the level of artistry you can expect to know whether his or her services are worth your investment. At Cherry Lash, our full-time eyelash extension pros vary in expertise. Lash Masters are advanced artists in high demand while Lash Artists offer quality that is fit for a celebrity. Our Lash Apprentices are devoted to improving speed and efficiency – offering full sets and fills at reduced prices.

Dramatic Look_0007_Cuba 1 eye CROP

Dramatic Look Lashes

Prioritize safety when considering an eyelash extensions professional

Select an artist that cares about your safety just as much as your beauty. Seek out licensed professionals who are trained in safe, hygienic application techniques. Our artists perform a complimentary consultation and lash test to screen for potential allergic reactions, as well as assess the health and capacity of your natural lashes before performing a service. We also hand-cluster each of our extensions according to how much weight your natural lashes can reasonably bear. Though your lash look is customized to suit your style and preferences, preserving the health and integrity of your natural lashes is our top priority.

before and after featherized ravishing lash extensions

Before and After Featherized Makeup Look Last Extensions

Cherry Lash offers safe, designer-level eyelash extensions in Las Vegas

Do you find yourself asking, “Where can I find quality eyelash extensions near me?” Cherry Lash, a chic boutique offering premium eyelash extensions in Las Vegas, has the answers! Book your complimentary lash consultation at our Henderson or Las Vegas locations today to meet our team of eyelash extension professionals.


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