In an ideal world, you’d roll right out of bed with Giselle Bündchen’s glow and Rihanna’s attitude. However, even the best of us can wake up on the wrong side of the bed, feeling more like the Bride of Frankenstein than America’s next top model. But while going from “Yikes!” to “Yasss!” takes a bit of time, semi-permanent eyelashes can at least spare you enough time to grab that much-needed pumpkin spice on your way to the office or catch a few more minutes of zzz’s. The possibilities are endless! Eyelash extensions save time without sacrificing quality, so you can say bye to your old friend, mascara, and hello to long, beautiful eyelashes, morning after morning.

But with so much added convenience, you’ll have some time to kill before going on your way. Here are five suggestions for how you can fill this newfound time in your morning routine.

Do it, hit that snooze button

There’s no such thing as getting “too much” beauty rest. Enjoy the five minutes it would’ve taken you to spiff up your lashes by catching a few extra minutes of rest. Go ahead and punch that snooze button one or two (or five) more times.

Put some more love into your OOTD

Extra time in the morning means extra time to choose what your outfit of the day will be. Channel your “Say Yes to the Dress” spirit and try on several options, strutting your stuff in front of the mirror as you prepare to slay the day. Is a wardrobe change in order? An extra five minutes allows you to swap out that boho messenger bag for a cute clutch, or maybe your new crossbody? Decisions, decisions!

Snap a selfie of your new eyelash extensions

Everyone knows it takes a couple of tries to capture that one pic that is truly “post-worthy.” Show off your fresh look with a few minutes of shameless selfie time! Plus, your eyelash extensions will give your eyes that added pop, giving you the confidence to go #nofilter.

Give your semi-permanent eyelashes some TLC

Just because semi-permanent eyelashes give you a temporary vacation from most of your eye makeup, it doesn’t mean you can neglect them entirely. To keep your eyelash extensions flexible, durable and beautiful, apply a drop of baby oil and brush the individual lashes – making them full and lush after a long night’s rest.

Plan a day that is as fierce as your eyelash extensions

We all know that sense of confidence and satisfaction that stems from having a plan. Seize the day by making a to-do list, jotting down all of your important tasks, appointments and of course, social hours. Along with a killer outfit and beautiful, bold lashes, doing something as simple as creating a plan for your day can help you feel like you’re ready to take on the world.

Make your life easier with our designer-quality eyelash extensions!

Cherry Lash’s extensions are individual lashes attached to your natural eyelashes. Although they are synthetic, they are seamlessly added one-by-one for a voluminous, natural look. Blended with your actual lashes to frame your eyes, quality lash extensions can make you look brighter and younger. See what other women are saying about our services, or book your appointment for a total transformation today!


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