With so many available options for eyelash extensions, it’s easy to get lash envy. If you’re new to this service, you’ve probably spent plenty of time browsing the eyelash extensions in before and after photos as you search for the best eyelash extensions technician near you. As fun as it is to imagine the possibilities and envy the most dramatic lash looks, it’s important to manage your expectations as a first-time client.

Cherry Lash presents three tips to help first-timers set realistic lash goals and get the most out of their lash lounge experience.

Don’t compare yourself to the eyelash extensions in before and after photosIMG_4341

Just because a client in a before-and-after photo has a full set of maximum-density eyelashes doesn’t mean that that look will work well for you. Flawless lash looks depend on a number of factors, including eye shape and the strength of your natural lashes. The beauty of eyelash extensions is that there are tons of ways to slay them in a way that works for you! Use client photos as a way to review and evaluate a technician’s work. But, try not to develop a case of lash envy in the process. Instead, discover your own brand as your lash technician creates a customized lash look that speaks to who you are.

The best eyelash extensions are customized for your style and needs

We don’t use pre-made clusters at our lash lounges, so the possibilities are endless for fullness and density. If you’re new to eyelash extensions, we dare you to set aside your expectations and let your technician craft a look just for you. When you book an appointment with us, you can count on our Lash Squad to evaluate your lash goals, personality and style as we determine the appropriate curve, length and density for you.

Start with a one-on-one lash test and consultation

Each woman is her own brand and we’re equipped to bring that out. Cherry Lash proudly offers consultations and lash tests to assess the condition of your natural eyelashes and pinpoint any potential allergic reactions before your service. By understanding where your lashes are and where you’d love to be, we’ll figure out which of our designer lash looks will best suit you. Each of our Lash Artists is extensively trained and evaluated in leading application techniques, so you can trust that we will help you tap into your inner bombshell as safely and hygienically as possible.

Create your own lash fantasy with Cherry Lash’s help!

You’re one-of-a-kind, and your eyelashes should reflect that! Let our team at Cherry Lash help you glow up with expert, customized eyelash extensions that are sure to stun. Get started by booking your complimentary consultation and lash test at our Las Vegas or Henderson lash locations!


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