Count on eyelash extensions to take your look from grim to glam. Semi-permanent eyelashes, applied by highly trained technicians, can enhance your natural beauty and help you turn heads like the bombshell you are! However, health should never come second to beauty. It is important to remain mindful of your natural lashes and commit to maintaining their strength and integrity in order to prevent damage.

Only trust your lashes to trained technicians

Improper application of semi-permanent eyelashes is one of the most common causes of damage. Your natural lashes are delicate, and they are safest in the hands of technicians who are trained and certified in proper application techniques. Research the extent of a technician’s training and experience, and ask about the quality of their eyelash glue and other equipment. The best way to protect against damage is to make an informed decision about who performs your service.

Know the difference between normal and abnormal eyelash shedding

Our natural lashes shed all the time, whether they are concealed beneath false eyelashes or not. In fact, we lose about 1 to 4 eyelashes per day on a normal shedding cycle. This is why we recommend clients return to us every three weeks for a fill. An abnormally fast shedding rate may be a sign of damage caused by heavy extensions. Be sure to choose a lash artist who will thoroughly assess the strength of your natural lashes and cluster extensions accordingly for a feather-light application.

Leave eyelash application and removal to the pros!

Eyelash extensions may cause damage to natural lashes if a person does not care for them properly. After application, avoid pulling at your false eyelashes or trying to remove lashes on your own. The worst thing clients can do is neglect their natural wispies while enjoying a set of semi permanent eyelashes. Let an experienced team handle application and removal, so your natural lashes can be just as flawless as your extensions.

Cherry Lash’s eyelash extensions won’t damage your natural lashes

Despite how delicious they make us look and feel, it’s easy for improperly applied or poor quality false eyelashes to damage our natural lashes. Each member of Cherry Lash’s Lash Squad is certified in proper eyelash extension application techniques and regularly monitored for quality control. More importantly, we use a lab-tested adhesive to secure your lashes via a safe and secure polypeptide bond. This adhesive dries soft, wears comfortably and allows your natural lashes to remain flexible and healthy. Book your appointment at our Las Vegas or Henderson locations for damage-free semi-permanent eyelash extensions!


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