Keeping up with the latest beauty and wellness trends can be tricky, especially for those of us beauties who are ballin’ on a budget. As if finding quality products at an affordable price isn’t enough of a challenge, lash lovers must narrow their focus to products that play well with their lush and luxurious extensions. Mascara is, generally, not necessary as extensions add all the length and volume you need. Additionally, mascara remover can weaken the bonds that keep lashes in place and cause lashes to fall out sooner, shortening the lifespan of your look.

Are you new to eyelash weaving and looking to add to your makeup collection? These water-based mascaras will enhance your look without damaging your extensions.

great lash mascara maybelline

Balance the cost of lash extensions with the affordable Maybelline Great Lash brand ($2.99 – $5.99)

Offset the cost of lash extensions with a budget-friendly mascara option that keeps your lashes full and intact. This product is considered to be the OG of water-based mascaras. Keep it simple and sassy with its smooth, buildable formula. Hypoallergenic and gentle, Maybelline Great Lash (purchase from Ulta) is a favorite among those with sensitive skin, contact lens wearers and lash lovers. If you’re new to eyelash weaving and are just learning how to use mascara for an added boost, consider this cost-effective product for a stunning starter look.


Benefit BADgal Lash MascaraMaximize the results of eyelash weaving with Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara ($19)

The only thing badder than a fresh set of lash extensions is the coverage you’ll get from this top-selling Benefit product. Retailing for $19 on average, Benefit BADgal Mascara (purchase from Ulta) packs a punch – complete with a large wand for even and generous product distribution. Enjoy separated, elongated natural lashes, as well as safe and secure extensions with this top-shelf water-soluble formula.

Pair our lash extensions in Las Vegas with Buxom Lash Mascara ($20)

When it comes to quality lash extensions, price shouldn’t matter. Neither should the cost of a product as glam as Buxom Lash Mascara (purchase from Ulta). Stun the masses with this vitamin-enriched, oil-free formula, which is also free of harmful parabens and phthalates. The hourglass-shaped wand kisses every single lash to ensure maximum volume without the clumps. Pair our lash extensions in Las Vegas with this product if you dare – you’re sure to knock ‘em dead with such a lethal combo.

Make the cost of lash extensions worthwhile with quality aftercare

If you simply must add a little extra lift, our lash extensions experts in Las Vegas recommend avoiding oil-based mascaras. Stick to water-soluble formulas and removers in order to preserve your extensions. We also advise our clients to regularly brush and separate their extensions, in order to prevent any crossing that could lead to fallout.

Quality aftercare and maintenance is key to making the cost of lash extensions worthwhile. Speak with a member of our Lash Squad today or book a FREE lash consultation in Las Vegas or Henderson to learn why we’re the best lash extensions providers Las Vegas has ever seen!


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