Who says that maintaining a fierce look has to be a high-maintenance endeavor? a fierce look had to come at a high-maintenance level. This summer, forget rigid contouring and bold brows — it’s time to let your lashes shine with the help of some quality eyelash extensions! As a prime destination for the best eyelash extensions Las Vegas can offer, Cherry Lash presents some tips for adding a little sass and excitement to a sun-kissed face.

Let your eyelash extensions speak for themselves

With the thick and bold lashes you get from extensions or false eyelashes, you don’t need extra glitz from powders and liner. Try applying mascara only to your bottom lid for a look that is more modern and seductive. A full fan of top lashes will boldly speak for themselves, while remaining open and light. Keep the liner on the outer half of the eye to give it dimension without closing it off. This look will give you a mysterious edge, while being incredibly easy to achieve.

Invest in the best eyelash extensions to create a 1960s throwback

Retro and vintage fashion is making a huge comeback, so it’s no wonder that one of the biggest makeup trends of 2017 comes from the world’s first supermodel Twiggy Lawson. “The Face of 1966,” London’s Lawson became a beauty icon as a wildly famous model, actress and singer with a signature look that included voluminous, clumped lashes. This 1960s doll-eyed look is resurfacing on the runways of Christian Dior and Nina Ricci’s 2017 collections, and the best eyelash extensions make it possible for you to work it, too!

Achieving this look is much easier than you might think. Instead of applying layers upon layers of mascara, apply eyelash extensions to your top lid. This will help you avoid unwanted clumps in all the wrong places. Use a lash primer before your favorite water-based mascara to create that full, clumped look that Twiggy made famous.

You, too, can be pretty in pink with tinted eyelash extensions

According to many fashion trendspotters, including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, a new trend in lash fashion is burgundy mascara. This perfectly complements the blush-as-eyeshadow technique, which is also quickly rising as a popular makeup trend. Burgundy mascara can add an explosive impact to a smoky eye look. In fact, members of our Lash Squad swear that if you’re looking to wear the crown for the best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas, burgundy mascara can make your perfect lashes pop! A darker formula will look relatively standard, until the light hits it at just the right angle. Then, your eyelash extensions will shimmer in sassy red tones. If you aren’t a fan of glitter mascara, this is the perfect alternative for you! It’s a great nighttime party look.

blue eyelash extensionsblue lash extensions

Add some sizzle to your summer with the best eyelash extensions Las Vegas has ever seen!

Maybe you’ve tried false eyelashes, but you’re ready for something new. Or, perhaps you’d just like to kick your summer look up a notch with lush eyelash extensions. No matter what you need this season, our Lash Squad is here to glam you up!

Ditch the false eyelashes and give our eyelash extensions a try this summer! For the best eyelash extensions to create these looks, find your nearest Cherry Lash location to schedule an appointment today.


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