You know your angles, you’ve perfected your lighting and your lashes are absolutely killing it, thanks to your recent visit to Cherry Lash. Yet even after all this work, your selfies are still in need of a little pre-Instagram editing. With endless editing apps available, the editing process can become overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to give you some solid pointers and a spin in the right direction to simplify your editing experience. Try out the tips below and you can post flawless eyelash extensions before-and-after photos in no time!

Use the right editing apps for your eyelash extensions before-and-after photos

Slapping the Valencia filter on your selfie just won’t cut it anymore. Many online influencers swear by seven different editing platforms, swiping through each filter on each platform until they’ve identified the perfect one. Admittedly, this approach opens the door for photo enthusiasts to do the most with their pics. For most ladies, two reliable apps should be more than enough to perfect your images and uphold a chic Instagram aesthetic.

Facetune and VSCO are among the most popular editing apps, used in conjunction by the Insta-famous. VSCO offers users a wide range of control over filters, contrast, skin tone and saturation while Facetune allows users to make edits to their face and body. Need to blast a stubborn blemish? Facetune allows you to buff it out, letting your fierce eyelash extensions steal the show.

When editing with VSCO, Facetune or similar apps, be sure to stick to two filters at most, as every added filter can lower your photo’s final resolution.

Facetune editing tips for eyelash extensions lovers

With a light hand and an eye for detail, Facetune can be useful for pinpointing and correcting minor flaws. Editors can use the app’s Smooth tool to correct shadows and harsh wrinkles, while the Details feature helps to brighten eyes. The Whiten feature, while intended to brighten smiles, can also be used to clear a photo background of distracting yellow tints. If you choose to thin or edit body parts, be mindful of the background. This editing tool is best used sparingly, and users should make these changes a little at a time to prevent warping errors.

VSCO editing tips for better eyelash extensions before-and-after shots

The process of adjusting brightness, saturation and filters is often left up to individual discretion. Want to add a little shadow for dramatic effect? Done. Are you feeling an old-fashioned black-and-white vamp vibe? There’s a filter for that. Knowledgeable influencers recommend choosing one, or a few, favorite filters and sticking to these to develop a theme within your feed. Beyond the free filters available through the app, VSCO also offers filter packages for purchase.

Influencers also recommend bumping up your photo’s brightness and raising the sharpness a notch or two to create the illusion of a better quality snapshot. This can come in handy when you’re trying to show followers why your lashes are the best eyelash extensions around. Playing with brightness and sharpness can highlight the curl and quality perfectly.

Get the best eyelash extensions at Cherry Lash for a picture-perfect IG feed

If you’ve gone through lots of editing and your eyelash extensions before-and-after photos still aren’t quite ready to share, it may be time for a new look from Cherry Lash. Our experts will make sure your lashes are ready to help you get all of the likes!

Check out our stunning eyelash extensions before and after shots for inspiration, or contact our Lash Squad to book an appointment today!


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