Halloween is just around the corner! If your costume is more glamorous than ghoulish, eyelash extensions from Cherry Lash could be exactly what you need to give your look a little extra pizzazz. But be warned, unless you want to be the creature that goes bump in the night, be sure to avoid these simple eyelash extension mistakes that can easily transform your look from glamorous to downright scary!

Avoid using mascara on your eyelash extensions

Considering the extra volume that eyelash extensions provide, it’s just not necessary to use mascara, and your lash artist will most likely warn against using mascara with eyelash extensions during your appointment. However, it’s crucial that you take his or her word as more than just a suggestion. Mascara will only add more weight onto your eyelash extension. This extra weight increases the chance that the adhesive will loosen and cause them to fall out quicker.

Don’t pull or tug at your eyelash extensions

The best eyelash extensions are durable, but they’re not indestructible. Considering the typical eyelash extensions price, you can get the greatest return on your investment by maintaining full, long-lasting lashes. If you want to keep yours for as long as they’ll last, then avoid pulling, tugging or rough handling. It is okay to use an eyelash curler, but just remember to be as gentle as possible. You don’t just want to protect your eyelash extensions; you want to preserve the health and condition of your natural lashes underneath, too. Tugging or pulling on your extensions could result in accidentally ripping out your natural lashes.

With that, it’s important that you know how to safely remove your eyelash extensions. At Cherry Lash, we recommend professional removal services. Our Lash Squad is trained to gently and skillfully remove your eyelash extensions, so that your natural lashes remain healthy and thriving.

Don’t re-apply eyelash extensions on your own

Some eyelash extensions clients go wrong when they try to re-apply fallen extensions at home. They purchase glue at a convenience store, check out a few YouTube videos and attempt a DIY touch-up. Not only could this approach result in a clumpy mess; it could be harmful to your eyes, too. Instead of ruining your night of Halloween fun, schedule an appointment at Cherry Lash, where we specialize in providing the best eyelash extensions Las Vegas has ever seen.  We offer complimentary lash removal for clients, or a small charge of just $29 for non-clients. Need a quick 30-minute touch up to replace a stubborn lash? Pop in for our Emergency Fill Service, starting at $39. We’ll have you in and out in time for all the costume parties!

Only choose licensed eyelash extensions service providers

An easy mistake would be to trust a nonprofessional with the care of your eyes for the sake of a lower eyelash extensions price. Before getting eyelash extensions, make sure the technician is a trained expert with an extensive knowledge of how to apply them safely and hygienically. While a self-taught lash artist or a family friend might present a less expensive option, the unfortunate truth is that you truly do get what you pay for. Save yourself the headache by visiting a skilled and vetted specialist who is devoted to the art of lashing.

At Cherry Lash, we’re proud to say that we specialize in “all lashes, all the time.” Lash extensions aren’t just one aspect of our business – they’re our entire business. By choosing a company that specializes in eyelash extension services, you’ll receive the lovely lashes you’re looking for while ensuring your own health and safety.

So if you’re in need of some lash extensions to complete your Halloween look, contact Cherry Lash to schedule an appointment with one of our lash artists in Henderson or Las Vegas.


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