October is here and the pressure is on for finding a great Halloween costume — or at the very least, something festive to wear to work. At Cherry Lash, we mean business when we’re planning for Halloween. Skip the last minute fake Halloween eyelashes this year and opt for something that’s going to make a statement.

As a premier lash extension studio, you could say we know a thing or two about lashes. So, with Halloween quickly approaching, we’ve rounded up some great ways to vamp up your lashes in time for Halloween. These lash extensions could make your costume go from “Eh” to “Wow!” in no time.

Achieve retro realness with dramatic spider lashes.

We’ve all been obsessing over anything and everything mod this year, and what better way to nail a Twiggy-inspired look than by taking some new, dramatic lower lashes for a spin? Pair them with a full, feathered set of upper lashes to really get your eyes to pop!


Complete an intricate skull look with ultra-long, defined lashes.

Cohesive looks are, by far, the best looks. We absolutely love how these thin, dramatic lashes mimic the intricate design of this sugar skull. We love this lash look best with full, feathered lashes for the most dramatic effect.

Pay homage to a feathered friend with colorful, feathered lashes.

What screams Halloween more than a little dramatic accessorizing? Add colorful, feathered extensions to any full set of lashes for some extra wow-factor to any peacock costume. Can you just imagine a Dramatic Look feathered lash look with a peacock inspired, feathery addition?

blue eyelash extensions from cherry lash

Make a statement with some bold, dramatic lashes.

So, maybe you don’t want to invest the time and money into a complex costume this year, but you still want to achieve a dramatic look. Consider using colored lashes to make a statement and bring an elevated look to any Halloween party.

Vamp Up Your Lashes

Just think of us as your partner-in-crime for slaying the best, boldest eyelashes in Las Vegas, because you don’t need a special occasion to look cute! Nonetheless, you can snag the best eyelash extensions in time for Halloween at one of our Cherry Lash locations. We’re here to help you nail any Halloween look this season. Check out how everyone else is rocking their lash extensions and then contact our Lash Squad to make your appointment before Halloween!


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