Creating a Lash Look: How Much Do Bottom Lashes Matter?

If you think that focusing on your bottom lashes when creating a lash look is just a passing trend, or even an afterthought in your makeup routine, think again. If you’re a fan of lash extensions for enhancing your upper lashes, why not consider giving the same attention to your lower lashes? Cherry Lash’s lower lash extensions offer a fashionable look that will draw attention to your eyes.

Lower Lashes Are Very Fashionable

There have been many new lash looks that have been incorporating long and voluminous bottom lashes. This isn’t a new trend, however; Since the 1960s, the iconic British model, Twiggy has been rocking long bottom lashes. She was the first model in the twenty-first century to make long bottom lashes enviable and mainstream. Thanks to Twiggy, bottom lashes have never gone out of style.

Cherry Lash’s false bottom lashes can stay on for up to 60 days as long as you apply proper care and monthly maintenance. Whether you want fuller looking bottom lashes or just some added length to your lashes, they can help you to achieve the look you desire.

Bottom Lash Extensions

If you want to try out a new lash look, then changing up your bottom lashes is the move for you. So, if you are ready to fully embrace the bottom lash look, there are some great ideas for you to try out. There are several products you can use to create beautiful bottom lash looks. You ctop and bottom lashes by cherry lashan get full and fabulous bottom lashes by getting extensions from Cherry Lash, as they have very affordable pricing for their lashes.

At Cherry Lash, you can enhance your bottom and top lashes with their full eyelash extension set. If you went somewhere else to get your lash extensions, then those pros typically charge anywhere between $300 to $600 for one set of lashes. However, new clients at Cherry Lash can get the special deal of $99 for a full set.

Enhance Bottom Lashes with Mascara

To further show off your bottom lashes, you can try using brightly-colored mascara to your bottom lashes. Switching things up with blue mascara on just the lower lashes is different and eye-catching. Another great style trend to try is experimenting with eyeliner. Some people in the fashion community have been drawing on a small dot underneath each eye. This draws attention to the bottom lashes, and it is a very fashion-forward trend.

If you’re ready to finally try out these looks and embrace bottom lash extensions, contact your Cherry Lash location to set up an appointment.


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