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If you start the day with your makeup, hair, and outfit all looking on point, it’s important that you take a picture to commemorate that moment. With that in mind, when you receive eyelash extensions, you may find yourself taking even more selfies than before because you can’t get enough of your amazing lashes. In part one of this series, we will give you a few tips on how to perfect your selfies so that you can show off your luxurious lash extensions.

Lighting is Everything

The most important thing to remember when taking a selfie is the lighting. While some may think that shadows or hardly any lighting gives your selfie and ominous look, it’s not the best practice for taking an amazing photo. The whole reason you’re taking a selfie is to show off your beauty, therefore you want the lighting to be just right in order to enhance your features.

If you’re taking a photo during the day, use as much natural lighting as possible. The best way to take a selfie with great lighting is to stand outside. However, if you’re worried about getting weird looks from your neighbors, take your photo near a window. That being said, never take a photo with your back to the window unless you want to be completely in the dark. If you want to enhance your features using natural light, be sure to directly face the window in order to illuminate your entire face.

Think About Your Background

Another important tip for taking a great selfie is to be aware of the background of your photo. Truly noteworthy selfies typically have one of two backgrounds — interesting or simple. Interesting backgrounds include beautiful landscapes, or even some sort of fun experience. For example, you may decide to take a selfie while you are rock climbing and the background shows how you are from the ground.

On the other hand, a simple background can be something like a plain-colored wall, or even something with a fun design. Essentially, you want to avoid a background that has too much going on and takes away from your appearance.

Avoid Cliché Poses

Anyone can take a selfie where they use the dog-ear filter stick out their lips in the classic “duck face”. If you really want to take a selfie that stands out, you want to avoid doing any cliché poses. A good rule of thumb when taking a selfie is to avoid any poses that you may find on a middle schooler’s facebook page. Avoid any peace signs or gang signs. Instead, be yourself and act natural, don’t overthink your pose.

Take A Lot of Selfies

When taking selfies, there is no guarantee that the first photo will be the perfect selfie. In fact, it may take a few tries before you take a photo that you can deem Instagram-worthy. In order to take the perfect selfie, it’s important that you take more than one. Even professional photographers may take hundreds of photos during a shoot only to come away with a handful that they actually like. The key is to be patient and try a few different angles until you take a photo that shows your best self.

Get Eyelash Extensions

For some, the opportunity to take a perfect selfie may only come around every once in awhile, but if you get eyelash extensions, you may find yourself taking more selfies than you would like to admit. With eyelash extensions from Cherry Lash, you will wake up each day with gorgeous eyelashes. Gone are the days of applying layer after layer of mascara in order to lengthen your lashes. With Cherry Lash eyelash extensions, you can make a statement and turn heads every time you enter the room. Learn more about our lash extensions and contact Cherry Lash in Las Vegas or Henderson to make an appointment today! In the meantime, keep an eye out for part two of our series for more tips on how to take the perfect selfie.


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