In an ideal situation, everyone who wears lash extensions would always have time every evening to properly remove and store them before going to sleep. False eyelashes don’t necessarily need to be taken off every night, but doing so promotes hygiene and also prevents a big mess that may also result in lashes being ripped out.

As experts in lash extensions, including permanent and semi-permanent lashes, we at Cherry Lash know that this ideal situation isn’t realistic for everyone. We’ve all been through a long day where we simply couldn’t be bothered to go through the time of taking lashes off before collapsing into bed, and there are several other situations where this might be the case. Luckily, a few basic tips will help you sleep with eyelash extensions without risking a huge mess or lashes ripped out. Here are some tips.

Sleeping Position

For starters, you want to do your best to ensure you sleep in the best position – and in this case, that’s on your back. This will keep lashes from even coming into contact with any other elements. For those who know that they typically sleep on their sides or stomach, consider various pillows out there that can be positioned to help you remain on your back.

If you prefer not to purchase one of these pillows, you can also consider the Lash Pillow. This is a pillow specifically designed to prevent the kind of snagging that pulls off lashes with other fabrics – it has a cutout design that also helps prevent wrinkles.

Sleeping Material

For both pillows and sheets, silk is the preferred material if you have lashes still in. Silk is extremely smooth and soft, which means those snagging issues we mentioned above are less significant. They prevent the kind of dragging effect that normally pulls off lashes, and they also help prevent wrinkles. Best yet, silk is hypoallergenic – that means it resists bacteria, moisture and various contaminants like dust mites.

Beauty Mask

Another potential product to use if you regularly sleep with lashes in is a beauty sleep mask. These products come with indents over the eye areas to help avoid lashes contacting any material, allowing you to sleep in any position without worrying at all. Better yet, a beauty sleep mask doubles as a great light-blocker for those who need a better night’s sleep.

Between sleeping in the proper positions and using the right materials to help aid you, you can easily sleep with lash extensions in without worrying one bit about a mess or pulling out lashes. For more on this, or to learn about any of our lash extensions, speak to the pros at Cherry Lashes today.


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