When it comes to eyelash extensions, one of the top factors for those purchasing them is how long they’ll last. No one wants to spend money on false eyelashes only for them to last just a couple days before falling off or losing their desired appearance, after all.

At Cherry Lash, we only offer the highest-quality lashes no matter which look you’re going for – dramatic, makeup, natural or others. But did you know that getting lasting quality out of your lashes is something you have a level of control over as well? This two-part blog will examine several of the errors you should avoid when it comes to lash extension care – areas that, if you take the proper approach, will bring you beautiful, long-lasting lashes.

Sleeping Concerns

One of the top questions we get is regarding how to care for eyelash extensions during sleep periods. The answer depends on a few things, but most important is the style of sleeper you fit into.

For those who sleep primarily on their back, care for lash extensions tends to be fairly simple. You may not require any specific care at all, or you may choose a molded pillow that ensures the lashes won’t be touched if your head rolls to one side or the other. If you sleep on either side or on your stomach, however, things will be a bit more complex. If you favor one side or the other, you may lose more lashes on that side. In these cases, you may choose a sleep mask or a similar device that protects your lashes at all times.

Lack of Cleansing

A top care area for eyelash extensions is cleansing them, a process that should be done daily, especially immediately after they are put in place. You may think cleansing is only for skin health and related areas, but it actually plays a big role in lashes staying in place for optimal periods of time; cleansers help reduce the presence of natural oils in the skin area, oils that don’t mix very well with lash adhesives and may wear them down over time.

By using cleanser, you limit these oils from loosening your lashes. It’s important to note that these oils will be produced by your skin even if you don’t wear makeup, so cleansing is necessary regardless.

Eyelash Fill Gaps

Every several weeks or so, you’ll have to come into our offices to have your false eyelashes filled in. The average full set lasts about four weeks, but the real determinant here is how well you care for the lashes – and this can also have a big impact on your next cycle.

If you come into our salon for a full fill of your lashes, but you’ve cared for them poorly in recent weeks, there may not be enough time to complete this. This may cause your appointment to go from a full to a half fill, which will only offer you two weeks of average wear time. While it may take a few appointments to dial your schedule in here, try to consider this area when you schedule fill appointments. For more on how to get lasting effects out of your eyelash extensions, or to learn about any of our eyelash products or services, speak to the pros at Chery Lash today.


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