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Why You Should Get Lash Extensions for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. From your hair and makeup all the way down to your pedicure, you want everything about your wedding day to be perfect. One way that you can ensure that you will look your best on your big day is to get eyelash extensions! Not […]

Summer’s Hottest Makeup Trends

The warm weather of summer doesn’t just mean days at the pool, backyard BBQs, and concerts. It also means that you have the opportunity to try out some of the summer’s hottest trends. Whether you want to experiment with different hairstyles or update your wardrobe, summer is the perfect time to get a little wild! […]

How to Make Your Makeup Routine Faster

We’ve all had those days where you wake up in a panic because you missed your alarm and then you have to speed through your morning routine. It’s days like those that make you wish that you could wake up every day looking effortlessly beautiful. It’s understandable that you care about your appearance, but a […]

Choosing the Right Eyelash Extensions: Part Two

Eyelash extensions are a great way to not only enhance the beauty of your eyes, but they also help you save time on your morning routine. Gone are the days of applying layer after layer of mascara or false lashes in an effort to make your eyes pop. With lash extensions, you can wake up […]

Choosing the Right Eyelash Extensions: Part One

Deciding to get eyelash extensions is not the same as trying a new shade of eyeshadow. You can’t just use makeup remover if you decide the color isn’t for you. While eyelash extensions will naturally fall out as your natural lashes go through a growth cycle, you will still need to wait for them to […]

Questions You Should Ask Before You Get Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your natural beauty and add volume to your existing lashes. They can also help you save time on your morning routine! If you’ve recently decided to invest in lash extensions, it’s important that you understand the process and learn everything you can about your lash artist. In […]

Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Thick eyelashes make a statement and bring attention to your eyes, which is why many women do whatever they can make their eyes and their eyelashes stand out. However, putting that much effort into your lashes can take time, and not everyone has the flexibility to put in the effort on a daily basis. With […]

Choosing The Right Eyeshadow

Your eyes are the most prominent feature on your face, and as such, you want them to make a statement. The best way to do that is to use makeup and eyeshadow to your advantage. That being said, not all shades and colors will look great on everyone, which is why, in today’s post, we […]

Myths About Eyelash Extensions: Part Two

Are you someone who spends hours in front of the mirror applying layers of mascara in an attempt to make your lashes look long and thick? At Cherry Lash, we can provide you with gorgeous lash extensions, so you can enjoy waking up every morning with long, thick lashes. Our lash artists can help you […]

Myths About Eyelash Extensions: Part One

Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular, and many people are making the move to get longer, thicker lashes. At Cherry Lash in Las Vegas and Henderson, we are proud to provide you with the gorgeous lashes that you’ve always dreamed of. We offer high-quality eyelash extensions and we will work with you to give you […]