So, you’ve been loving your new eyelash extensions. Compliments about their length and fullness make you feel like a total glam goddess, and a shorter makeup routine has really helped your morning mojo. However, it’s not uncommon to wake up to a few wisps on your pillow or to discover some gaps in your lush new lash line after a while. At Cherry Lash, we like to emphasize that eyelash extensions are a beauty maintenance service. Quality lashes can last for up to 60 days if you’re willing to commit to their upkeep.

Our Lash Squad presents some common questions about long-term lash maintenance, as well as some helpful indicators that it might be time for a touch-up!

How frequently should I visit my nearest lash artist for a fill?

How long have you had your lash extensions? As a leading provider of eyelash extensions in Las Vegas, our team recommends that clients return every three weeks for a fill. With a consistent routine of care and maintenance, your lashes may be able to last a bit longer between fills. However, if you have had your lash extensions for longer than four weeks, we advise full lash removal and a new application.

Our natural lashes have a regular shedding cycle of about 30 to 60 days. In fact, we lose one to four lashes per eye every day. During this cycle, we grow new lashes to replace the ones that fall out, a process that eventually affects the adhesive on our lovely lash extensions. By investing in regular fills, you can ensure that your lash extensions remain full and secure and that your natural lashes are healthy and strong.

I need to replenish my eyelash extensions – how long does it take for a fill?

The length of time it takes to perform a fill service depends largely upon the date of your last fill. Our standard fill service is ideal for customers who are within three weeks of their last fill. Clients who book this service can plan for up to 60 minutes of lash artistry. We recommend our Fill Plus service for those who have up to four weeks of new lash growth. These clients can expect up to 90 minutes of lash artistry. Are you pressed for time? Was your last service within two weeks or less? Book our 30-minute emergency fill service for just $39. Our Lash Squad is happy to work with you to make sure your lash game is on point whenever you need us.

What is the cost of a lash extensions fill service?

The cost of a lash extensions fill service can vary, based on your preferred level of artistry. A regular fill service ranges from $39 for a Lash Apprentice to $69 for a Master Artist. Enjoy a Fill Plus touch-up for as low as $59 with a Lash Apprentice, or invest up to $99 for a Master Artist. Regardless of your budget, we’re here to keep your lashes intact with a variety of pricing options.

Cherry Lash has the best eyelash extensions Las Vegas has to offer

We’re truly a top destination for eyelash extensions in Las Vegas. However, we’re equally skilled in the areas of lash extension maintenance and natural lash care. Is it time for a touch-up? Visit our lash locations in Henderson or Las Vegas for thorough and affordable maintenance services today!


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