Cherry Lash is the go-to for the most luxurious, high-quality eyelash extensions. Since opening our doors in 2006 our mission has been to bring stunning eyelash transformations to women all over the world while giving hard-working individuals a path to business ownership. Our renowned success is a result of our lash artist team being held to the highest standards, trained in advanced application techniques, and our use of top-tier products.

Now you can join in our success by opening your own Cherry Lash franchise.


Training and Instruction

We help you every step of the way when opening up a lash extension franchise. From providing thorough training and sharing our expertise in lash extensions, nail salon and massage services, we make sure you and your staff are setup with the tools needed for a thriving business. We believe in investing our time in providing you with the best customer service, products, procedures, and techniques.

When you open a Cherry Lash franchise, we’ll help to:

  • Educate lash artists on how to follow the Cherry Lash best practices and specific application techniques
  • Provide customer service best practices that have been proven to contribute to our ultimate lash experience
  • Assist with the design and layout of your franchise
  • Provide marketing materials and industry knowledge to promote success
  • Offer ongoing support to help your business continue its growth

Franchise Opportunities with Multiple Revenue Streams

Choose from a variety of services to help increase your revenue and build a profitable career. In addition to offering the finest lash extensions services, we also provide training in nail and massage treatments.

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    Multiple Artist Levels

    Our training is net up to support our team through all stages of their lashing career. An artist can come in with no experience and in 3 months have all the tools they need to grow into a great lash artist.

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    Our branded retail and professional products ensure quality assurance, brand recognition, and cohesive operations. All of our products are developed with our lash artists, and lash guests in mind.

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    Our membership program allows guests to sign up for recurring benefits with our company. This creates brand loyalty, competitive advantages, and returning guests.

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    Our company supports a demographic of women that took an untraditional’ route for a career path. Cherry Lash allows them to not only out earn a ‘traditional” careers, but tons of expansion opportunities along the way.

Creating The Ultimate Lash Experience

What Clients Are Saying

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“Cherry Lash is your go-to in Las Vegas for high-quality eyelash extensions, nail treatments, and massage services. Get the customized look you want and deserve with high-quality service that is unparalleled. The Cherry Lash staff use only top-tier products and follow the most stringent standards to deliver your best look yet.”

Start Your Cherry Lash Franchise

Ready to kickstart your career with the leading business in lash extensions? At Cherry Lash, we provide customized looks our clients want and deserve with unparalleled service and an impeccable reputation for luxury and glamour.


Yes. We provide both training services and ongoing support for your franchise business. We want to see you reach your goals and are here to help ensure a smooth opening, offer exemplary training in our services, and assist throughout the duration of your operation.

Yes. We use our prototype model to help you with the interior design and layout of your salon franchise.

The best fit for opening a Cherry Lash franchise is someone who is passionate about the lash extension services we provide, a team player, and dedicated to expanding the Cherry Lash brand. If this sounds like you, we invite you to Contact Us.

Income among franchises will depend on a variety of factors, including economical factors, and demographics. However, the Cherry Lash team wants to see your franchise succeed and will help you every step of the way.

No, as a franchise owner, you do not need a specific lash artistry or nail salon license to open a Cherry Lash franchise. However, your employees performing the services will need the appropriate training and licenses. We are more than happy to assist with this and provide the relevant information and training needed.

No. However it can be helpful to have experience within the nail salon or spa services industry, although it is not required for opening a Cherry Lash franchise. The most important qualities needed for a franchise owner are business management experience, superb customer service knowledge, and a passion for building and growing the Cherry Lash brand.

*DISCLAIMER: This website is not an offer to sell a franchise to, and is not directed to any resident of a state requiring the filing or registration or other regulation of franchises unless Cherry Lash Franchise, LLC is registered to sell franchises in that state has prepared a disclosure document in compliance with the laws of that state and has received approval of this website as franchise advertising, if required in that state. The states requiring registration or filing of franchises include: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. There are other states that require disclosures to prospective franchisees. No franchises will be offered or sold by Cherry Lash Franchise, LLC in any of the listed states unless and until the franchise offering has been registered and declared effective in that state and the Franchise Disclosure Document required by that state has been delivered to the purchaser before the sale and in compliance with applicable state and federal laws regulating the sale of franchises. No franchises will be offered or sold in any other state regulating the sale of franchises until a disclosure document required by that state has been delivered to the purchaser before the sale and in compliance with applicable state, or federal laws regulating the sale of franchises.