Eyelash extensions are a great cosmetic treatment for those who want to improve their appearance with gorgeous, thick eyelashes. If you have recently decided that lash extensions are for you, the next step is to decide what sort of style you want to achieve. You may think that lash extensions are pretty straightforward. However, different lengths of lash extensions can be applied in such a way to create different looks. In today’s post, we will discuss a few of the most popular types of eyelash extensions and how they appear on different types of eyes.

At Cherry Lash, we want you to love your new lashes, which is why our expert lash artists will work with you to customize your lashes to fit your exact specifications. Whether you want to enhance your natural eyelashes or you want to make a bold statement, we can do it all! To learn more about Cherry Lash, browse our website or contact one of our two convenient locations in Las Vegas and Henderson to schedule your appointment today! In the meantime, continue reading below where we discuss a few popular styles of lash extensions.


Most eyelash extension styles involve playing longer or shorter lashes on different parts of the eye to create a certain look. With the staggered style, however, the lash artist will alternate using shorter and longer lashes, giving your lashes a full and thick appearance. If you’re interested in creating voluminous lashes, then this is a great option.

Cat Eye

The cat eye style is one of the styles where the lash artist will use longer lashes in one area and shorter lashes in another. In this case, longer lashes will be placed on the outer corner of your eye, while shorter lashes are used along the rest of the lash line. This style gives your eyes a longer and wider set appearance much like a cat. As a result, cat eye lash extensions are wonderful options for those who have eyes that are closer together or more round in appearance.

Doll Eye

Did you ever envy the look of your doll’s lashes and eyes as a child? With the doll eyelash extensions, you can achieve the wide-eyed innocence you always admired. This style is applied using longer lashes in the middle of the eye with shorter lashes on the inner and outer corners. By applying the longer lashes in the middle, you add length to the widest part of your eye, making your eyes look bigger and brighter.


Natural lash extensions are one of the most popular styles. If you’re interested in getting eyelash extensions but you’re worried about them looking too fake, then this is the style for you! Your lash artist will examine your natural eyelashes and apply the extensions according to the natural lengths of your lashes, while also placing any longer extensions towards the middle. This will create a more natural look, making your eyes look bigger and brighter without being too flashy.

These are just a few of the most popular styles that are available when you choose to receive eyelash extensions. At Cherry Lash, we offer three base packages, but our lash artists will also work with you to customize the length, thickness, and curl to fit your preference. Contact Cherry Lash in Las Vegas or Henderson to get started today.

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