Looking your best is always at the top of your list, and for some, that means spending hours in front of the mirror putting makeup on and ensuring that everything looks perfect. But what if you could wake up with long, thick eyelashes that made you feel your best as soon as you got out of bed? At Cherry Lash in Las Vegas and Henderson, we make it possible to love your lashes without the use of makeup. We offer three base eyelash extensions packages, and from there, our lash artists will work with you to customize the length, curl, and thickness of your new gorgeous lashes. Do you want to turn heads as soon as you walk in the room, or are you looking to enhance the beauty of your natural lashes? Whatever the case may be, Cherry Lash is here to help! View photos of our satisfied clients online, and be sure to book an appointment at one of our two convenient locations today! In the meantime, continue reading below for even more reasons why you should get lash extensions from Cherry Lash.

You Save Time on Your Morning Routine

Nothing is worse than waking up late for work or class and having to rush through your makeup routine. With lash extensions, your morning routine is simple and easy. Instead of spending hours in front of the mirror applying layer after layer of mascara, falsies, foundation, and contour, you can wake up with half your face already done! Not to mention, those with eyelash extensions sometimes feel like other makeup is no longer needed once they have amazing lashes.

Save Money

Let’s be honest — makeup is expensive, especially if you are using high-quality brands. If you are used to applying makeup every day, then there’s a good chance that you go through tubes of mascara and eyeshadow palettes pretty quickly, and once they are gone, you have to buy more. The great thing about eyelash extensions is that they last a long time, and you will only need to spend money to get them refilled.

Lash Extensions Are Long-Lasting

Another reason that you should consider getting eyelash extensions is that they are long-lasting. You can spend money on a pair of false lashes and wear them one or two times, but with lash extensions, you wake up each day with gorgeous lashes. After the initial appointment, your lashes will last anywhere between three and four weeks before you need to get them refilled. Until then, you can enjoy their alluring appearance!

Natural Appearance and Feel

When you wear layers of mascara or fake lashes, you probably notice that your eyelashes feel heavier or even uncomfortable. However, with eyelash extensions, you may not even notice that you have them! Because the extensions are attached to your natural lashes and are made from high-quality lightweight materials, you can enjoy gorgeous lashes without the heavy, uncomfortable feeling that you are used to.

You Will Look Beautiful!

While it’s nice to not have to worry about taking off your makeup or waking up with enough time to get ready, one of the biggest benefits of lash extensions is that you will look beautiful! Long, thick eyelash extensions will naturally open up your face and make your eyes look bigger, giving you a more youthful appearance. With amazing lashes, you will always look your best.

Ready to get your eyelash extensions? Contact Cherry Lash in Henderson or Las Vegas to schedule your appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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